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Exercise Your Way to Happiness. Starting Now!

Exercise Your Way to Happiness. Starting Now! | FlexActive Fitness


Money doesn't bring happiness, but exercise can!


Exercise has many benefits on your mind and body; working out can pump you up with motivation and blow the cobwebs away from long hours working, but finding the inspiration and motivation to work out can be tricky. However, there is scientific proof on how exercise can make us feel happier and more motivated.

How do you achieve this euphoria? This blog will give you every insight you need to find that motivation and happiness in working out, along with the many benefits it has on you and your body.

Read on for more:

First of all, why does exercise make us happy exactly? Well, it all comes down to simple biology, including hormones and body chemicals. Regular exercise is known to raise the happy hormones called endorphins, decrease stress and cortisol levels, and also increase confidence, overall physical health, and mental wellbeing. With dopamine and adrenaline surges, you feel
more capable and confident than ever before. However, studies show that even a short walk or simple workout can be enough to experience the benefits!

If you're not a regular gym-goer or a fitness fanatic, then even a few simple exercises a week will unleash significant benefits that increase your motivation to exercise. When you work out more; you get more! It's as simple as that.

In a review for The Journal of Happiness, studies on this subject have shown that people who did one to two exercises a week felt much happier than those who didn't work out. In other studies, ten minutes of exercise had boosting effects on people's happiness, with most subjects experiencing a substantial increase in their mood and more noticeable benefits. These included
a boosted confidence, reduced stress, increased motivation, and boost of energy.

The best part about these studies is that no particular exercise was more efficient than another at elevating happiness. With stretches, yoga, or brisk walks, anyone can benefit from just a short workout. However, the study also showed that longer and more regular physical activity could help you gain more overall, including a more prolonged high mood and motivation to work out.
So no matter what type of exercise you choose to do, the longer you work out, the better!

Think of what you could get from a thirty-minute workout or even an hour-long gym session! Over time you are only going to feel better, healthier, and happier than ever. The recommended amount of exercise is thirty minutes every day. Though, if you are new to exercising, start with ten minutes and work your way up. No matter what activity you choose, get your heart rate up
and get moving! Become a happier and healthy you today!

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